Customs Clearance & Consultancy

With a number of experienced professionals, Topaz Marne is able to provide full package of Customs Clearance and Consultancy Service for quite a few types of commodities, e.g. Foodstuff, Pharmaceutical products, Household products, Electronic items, Cosmetics, Garments, and Machines.

Topaz’s Customs Services include: 

 *  Import / Export Customs Clearance Service

 *  Customs Evaluation of merchandise 

 *  Import Duty & Tax Assessment 

 *  Classification of HS Codes 

 *  Classification of goods

 *  Customs Surveying 

 *  Import / Export Permissions of controlled goods

 *  Import / Export Record maintenance 

 *  Payment of Custom Duties on customers behalf

 *  Temporary Import / Export procedures 

 *  Permanent Import/Export procedures 

 *  Consultancy Services 

 *  Customs Bonded Carriage

 *  Transit Customs Handling